Jun 6th, 2014

Featured Artist : Jun Ogata

More than 15 new works from Jun Ogata.

Marvelous color in the natural world.
Incredible color with the passage of time.
Take a look and feel with your eye and your mind ..

Mar 28th, 2014
Art | Water | Wine

Visit of Gallery artist Hengki Koentjoro to Tokyo.
Indonesian Light Buffet.
A selection of Hugel Wines from Jeroboam.
And there will be a Hugel Wine Door Prize too.

All art sales Benefit HOPE International Development Agency Japan.

Dec 5th, 2013

An evening of art, food and wine to benefit HOPE FOUNDATION
Benefit for the work of HOPE FOUNDATION in Philippines, Cambodia, Ethiopia and more.

Tobin Ohashi Gallery will open its doors to invited guests and their friends and colleagues. All art sales will benefit Hope Japan.

5,000 - 10,000 Yen per person ticket price. Proceeds to benefit HOPE Japan.
1 ticket have one chance !!
2 ticket have W chance to get !!
Conrad Tokyo, there will be a raffle for all those who attend. The prize is a one night stay in a Conrad Tokyo's Bay View Suite for two.

Lowell Sheppard has just returned from the Philippines and will talk with us about the situation there.

Wine, and beverages and a delicious buffet will be provided.

Lowell Shephard and Elena Omura of HOPE Japan will attend the event and be there to talk with you about the work of HOPE Japan.
Hitoshi Ohashi and Bob Tobin will be there to provide an overview of the art and a collection tour.
Information of HOPE International Development Agency

Special additional donations will be made for all purchases of the photos of award-winning photographer Hengki Koentjoro whose work often focuses on under-water photography.
All art sales benefit HOPE FOUNDATION

May 19th, 2013
Music x Art On Sunday Afternoon

Listening "KOTO and FLUTE"
Tasting "Sake"

Special prices on art. Artist Jun Ogata will attend.

May 2nd, 2013

Apr 20th, 2013


3,000 yen Bring your friends.
You can eat delicious cakes and meet Masako Murata, Pattisier. We also will have special prices on all art. We'll serve wine.

Apr 11th, 2013

Join us for our next Living with Art Event.
Learn about art , start Living with Art with drink some great wine Imagine your life with art.
3,000 yen including wine and light food.
Bring your friends.

Art for All. You can find excellent works for below 30,000 yen!!

Mar 7th, 2013

Join us in style for an evening of wine and art at Tobin Ohashi Gallery.
You'll see prize winning work from Hengki Koentjoro, Ryota Aoki, Zhu Wei and many others.
Jeroboam will serve some great wine. We'll serve finger food, and you can get a discount on many art works.

Jan 9, 2013 - Jan 22, 2013

Jan 6, 2013 - Mar 7, 2013
LIQUID - Hengki Koentjoro

An afternoon get together of wonderful wine, wonderful people and wonderful art.
We will also have Ryota Aoki Ceramic Wine Glasses and art from our gallery artists [that will match the color of the wines]

Sep 10, 2012 - Sep 23, 2012
JUN OGATA SOLO EXHIBITION at Frederick Harris Gallery, Tokyo American Club

Jul 8, 2012 - Aug 12, 2012

Featured Artists :
Ida Bagus Putu Purwa

First Solo Show in Japan of acclaimed Indonesian Artist, Ida Bagus Putu Purwa. The artist was born in 1977 and his talent was recognized very early. He graduated from the Indonesian Art High School and the Indonesian Art Institute in Bali. His works portray the emotions that we all feel that we sometimes mask, including joy and fear. The artist often portrays dancers as well. There is a purity and clarity to his paintings that are usually painted in black, red, brown and blue with acrylic paint and charcoal on canvas. He has exhibited throughout Indonesia, and in Singapore, Netherlands, Ireland, Hong Kong and Japan.

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ida Bagus Putu Purwa - Dancing Water II
Ida Bagus Putu Purwa - Ready
Ida Bagus Putu Purwa - Free 1
Ida Bagus Putu Purwa - In Red
We also will introduce the photos of Hengki Koentjoro during this show.
Hengki Koentjoro - Fatamorgana
Hengki Koentjoro - Liquid Sand
Hengki Koentjoro - Rhythm

New works from our artist shown in our home.
Masako will join us from Boston. We will serve wine and light snacks.
More than 10 works will be on display. Come and meet the artist and see the new works.
Apartment #1109 Guests can invite friends.
More info 080-3150-3610 or Credit cards accepted.

June 24th 2-6PM, 2012

Join us for an elegant summer afternoon with wine art and wonderful people when we collaborate with Jeroboam Wines for an afternoon event in the gallery.

It's official. 3 of our artists: Masako Kamiya, Jun Ogata and Joji Shimamoto will be there.

Wear something red, white or rose. Learn about wines from Jeroboam Wines bilingual staff and Bob and Hitoshi will be there to talk about the art.

No speeches though. This is all about fun, wine and art.

Many works will have special one day event prices. There will be art in all price ranges. Bring your friends.

May 13, 2012 - Jun 30, 2012

Featured Artists :
Zhu Wei, Chloe Piene, Wang Guang Yi, Nengah Sujena, Ida Bagus Putu Purwa, Tran Trong Vu, Takanobu Kobayashi, Louis Risoli, Wang Yi Fei, Bethany Kreigsman, Joji Shimamoto, Ofelia Gelvezon-Tequi


Faces of friendship, precision, caution, suavity, ideality;
The spiritual, prescient face--the always welcome, common, benevolent face,
The pure, extravagant, yearning,
questioning artist's face; The ugly face of some beautiful Soul, the handsome detested or despised face;

The face of an amour, the face of veneration;
The face as of a dream, the face of an immobile rock;
The face withdrawn of its good and bad,
a castrated face;

Sauntering the pavement, thus, or crossing the ceaseless ferry,
faces, and faces, and faces:

I see them, and complain not, and am content with all.

Walt Whitman

Mar 7, 2012 - Apr 1, 2012

Featured Artists :
Nengah Sujena

Join us for this show, Love and Peace. We'll show more than 20 paintings of I Nengah Sujena, an Indonesian artist whose meditative textured paintings are both figurative and minimalist.
These are works ideal for creating a wonderful atmosphere in your home. This is his first solo show in Tokyo. He is a graduate of the Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta who has shown in Singapore, Indonesia and the Netherlands.

Mar 2, 2012 - Mar 11, 2012
"Road Movie - A Life of Move and Stay / House of Mr.Murakami"

Featured Artists : Satoshi Murakami

Jan 22, 2012 5-6PM
Artist Talk of JAPANATION

Jan 8, 2012 3-7PM
Opening Reception of JAPANATION

Jan 8, 2012 - Feb 26, 2012

Featured Artists :
Jun Ogata, Ryota Aoki, Kouseki Ono, Mario Tauchi, Takako Sato, Masako Kamiya, Masumi Yoshida

Our first show of 2012 presents abstract works from 7 of our younger Japanese artists. Their works are uniquely Japanese without resorting to stereotypical imagery and will relax and refresh you.

Some of the works will put you in almost a meditative state, mirroring the feelings of the artists when they created the works.

This show brings together ceramicist Ryota Aoki, Masumi Yoshida, Mario Tauchi, Jun Ogata and Ono Koseki whom we have worked with for several years, with two recent additions to our gallery, Masako Kamiya and Takako Sato.

Nov 20, 2011 5-6PM
Artist Talk of TOKYO STORIES

Nov 13, 2011 3-7PM
Opening Reception of TOKYO STORIES

Nov 13, 2011 - Dec 22, 2011

Featured Artists : Kit Pancoast Nagamura, Joji Shimamoto

Please join in the excitement at Tobin Ohashi Gallery for Tokyo Stories which brings together the photography of Kit Nagamura and Joji Shimamoto.

The photographs in this exhibition, Tokyo Stories, take us to to places that may know but have never seen in this way before. Kit and Joji also take us to places we have never been or seen before. Their works invite us to come closer and recall our own Tokyo stories. Their stories are ones that have a universal appeal and stimulate our own imagination and creativity.

We will show Kit's color works together with Joji's black and white works. All works are limited edition, signed and numbered.

You will marvel at the stories their works tell and how they find beauty in places we may have previously ignored.

Oct 9, 2011 - Nov 2, 2011

Featuring 3 Vietnamese artists Giang Nguyen, Nguyen Thanh Truc and Tran Trong Vu .

Vietnam Voices brings together three Vietnamese artists with three very different styles from three different locations. Giang Nguyen is now based in America. Her powerful and striking abstract works actually have a very relaxing and meditative effect on the viewer. Giang will be resident in Japan for one month in 2012 as part of a one month fellowship sponsored by the Japanese government.

Thanh Nguyen Truc based in Vietnam creates intricate collages which blend Asian and western cultures in an orderly composition. His works are in the collection of the Singapoe Art Museum Tran Trong Vu, who has been based in France for the past fifteen years has prepared more than 12 paintings for this show which provide a critical and somewhat humorous view of Vietnam. Vu was recently awarded the Jackson Pollock-Lee Krasner Fellowship for 2011.These artists go beyond stereotypes to engage visitors in a dialogue about a more diverse Vietnamese art scene than what is typically presented.
Giang Nguyen - Devotee and deity
Giang Nguyen
Nguyen Thanh Truc - Facts in Lines
Nguyen Thanh Truc
Tran Trong Vu -
Tran Trong Vu

Sep 18, 2011 11:00 -
"Tokyo Art Collectors Conrad Hotel art tour"
Tour of the Conrad art collection followed by Gordon Ramsey's Sunday Lunch. Tour in English and Japanese. Hitoshi Ohashi will join the group, led by the PR director of the Conrad.

Aug 24, 2011 - Sep 29, 2011
International Art Fair (Exhibit Gallery collections)
Click here to see the works in the show on our Facebook Page and get a special 20 & discount coupon for this show.

Jul 31, 2011 6-8PM
"Tokyo ART Collectors Group" held informal gathering that we invite three art collectors.

Jul 22, 2011 3-7PM

Jul 23, 2011 - Aug 28, 2011

Featured Artist : Masako Kamiya

Our first solo show with Boston-based Japanese artist Masako Kamiya. Masako engages in a dialogue with paint. She works intimately on the surface, and moves away from the surface in order to see how the layers reveal a new form. This process is an interchange with the painting activity.

Masako builds up dots of color into half-inch, stalactite-like columns with rich variations in color layers. From a distance the painting is a series of dots, which create larger patterns toward a uniformed center. When observed more closely the third dimension is revealed, a forest of multicolored columns. The surface is dense. Colors on the flat surface of the panel or the paper react with the colors on the surface of each stalk when perceived closely.

Masako challenges the way a painting is conventionally perceived.

Jun 25, 2011 3:00-5:30PM
Art Tour at Bakurocyo

Leisurely walk and visit at least 5 galleries, including Tobin Ohashi Gallery, Gallery Hashimoto , Unseal Contemporary and more.
English with some Japanese explanation. Meet at Tobin Ohashi Gallery at 3 PM. Friends invited, limited to total of 20 people.
Tokyo Art Collectors Group 15-20 minutes in each gallery. See behind the scenes and talk with the gallerist.

Jun 12, 2011 3-8PM

Featured Artists:
Agus Purunomo, Ida Bagus Putu Purwa, Irman A.Rahman, Agus Sumiantara, Nengah Sujena, Sunaryo

Please join us for Beyond Our Imagination
June 12th through July 31.

Discover the energy and excitement of some of Indonesia's young contemporary artists.

Apr 1, 2011 - Jun 5, 2011
Exhibition View of Zhu Wei solo exhibition

Apr 1, 2011 - Jun 5, 2011

Featured Artists:Zhu Wei

ZHU WEI : Born in 1966 in Beijing.

Zhu Wei is the world’s most renowned contemporary Chinese ink painter and the art form’s most important explorer.

Zhu Wei produces works that remain faithful to traditional Chinese elements and his grass-root upbringing. Drawn from personal experiences and important episodes of China's modern history, Zhu Wei's artworks record the ever-changing scenery that is Beijing’s emergence and openness to the market economy and capitalism.

This is Zhu Wei's first solo exhibition in Japan and includes 5 ink paintings and ten prints.

Feb 19, 2011 - Mar 25, 2011

Jan 8, 2011 3-9PM

Jan 8, 2011 - Feb 10, 2011

Featured Artists: Joji Shimamoto, Mario Tauchi

Dec 4, 2010 5-7PM
Gallery Talk of ZEN GARDEN / JUN OGATA

Nov 19, 2010 3-9PM
Opening Reception of ZEN GARDEN / JUN OGATA

Nov 19, 2010 - Dec 24, 2010

Featured Artists: Jun Ogata

Sep 30, 2010 3-8PM

Sep 30, 2010 - Nov 13, 2010